Cone Beam CT Scan

Dental IMaging in Sycamore IL

Cone Beam CT scanning is the state of the art modality for dental and oral imaging of the teeth, surrounding bone and jaws.  As opposed to plain radiography (x-rays) which is two-dimensional, CT scanning provides three-dimensional imaging.  We had the first cone-beam CT scan unit in DeKalb County dating back to 2006.  Our scanner provides great detail needed to diagnose and enhance the treatment of a multitude of problems.  The detail seen on CBCT is even greater then the detail on medical grade CT images.  Having a CT scan taken in our unit is quick and as easy as taking a typical panoramic dental x-ray; it happens to be the same unit.

Many uses include:

  • Difficult diagnosis including finding the source of dental and/or facial pain
  • Complete assessment of the severity of a problem to guide necessary treatment
  • Diagnosis of jaw pathology including enhanced imaging of questionable problems seen on plain x-rays
  • Determination of bone necessary for placement of dental implants
  • Determining the relation of vital structures to the surgical site, such as nearby nerves, other teeth and the sinus cavities to limit surgical risk
  • Location of impacted teeth
  • Best approach to impacted teeth
  • Feasibility of orthodontic treatment for impacted teeth 

Whereas CBCT can be very useful, Drs. Anderson and Dr. Junck will determine the need for enhanced imaging at your consultation appointment.  It is a great tool to have when needed. 

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