After Placement of Dental Implants

Do not disturb the wound. Avoid rinsing, spitting, or touching the wound on the day of surgery. There may be a metal healing abutment protruding through the gingival (gum) tissue.


Some bleeding or redness in the saliva is normal for 24 hours. Excessive bleeding (your mouth fills up rapidly with blood) can be controlled by biting on a gauze pad placed directly on the bleeding wound for 30 minutes.   If bleeding continues please call for further instructions.


Swelling is a normal occurrence after surgery. To minimize swelling, apply an ice bag, or a plastic bag, or towel filled with ice on the cheek in the area of surgery. Apply the ice twenty minutes off/on, as much as possible, for the first 24 hours.


Drink plenty of fluids. Avoid hot liquids or food. Soft food and liquids should be eaten on the day of surgery. Return to a normal diet as soon as you desire unless otherwise directed. Avoid popcorn which may get stuck in the gum tissue around your implant(s).


Somewhat surprisingly, it is our experience that moderate to severe pain is uncommon following dental implant placement in most circumstances. Mild pain can be relieved with ibuprofen or tylenol, however, an opiod pain medication may periodically be required.


If prescribed, be sure to take the prescribed antibiotics as directed to help prevent infection.

Oral Hygiene

Good oral hygiene is essential to good healing. You should brushyour teeth as you normally do, being gentle near the surgical site. After a couple of days of gum tissue healing, start brushing the healing abutments as well. However, avoid using an electric toothbrush on the abutment. An electric toothbrush may loosen the healing abutment.